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New Life Community Church – Oxnard, CA

Being part of the initial design team on a church project always brings better results in time and budget efforts. New Life Community Church in Oxnard called upon Rutherford Design early in their quest to complete a new facility and the results clearly benefited everyone.

Re-purposing an industrial space makes a very cost-effective alternative when you require 50,000 square feet to build a new church. New Life Community Church had a clear vision for their requirements and the passion to pursue their mission of owning a new worship facility with offices, 900 seat sanctuary, children’s ministry, warehouse storage space and even an outdoor patio for socializing. Rutherford Design was fortunate to be involved from the beginning of the overall design process and was able to provide input in almost every area of infrastructure requirements.

Clearly there was a requirement for excellent audio within the sanctuary and we provided L’Acoustics Kara line arrays with L]Acoustics 18 subwoofers beneath the stage. In addition there are a pair of Xti 12’s providing fill in the severe left right seating locations. Xti 8’s provide an additional level of intelligibility for the first two rows of seats. The entire system is powered by three LA8s and an one LA4.

At front of house there is an Allen & Heath i-Live 122T with a 32 x 48 i-Live distro at an upstage position. Included is also custom stage input panels managed by an Allen & Heath PL-6 wall station, so that small events can be run by inexperience operators.

Video is essentially done with two of the clients’ existing Sony VLP40 projectors on custom sized 16:9 screens. Multiple camera locations and video inputs are handled by several custom input plates within the space. Each inpit location provides for communications, Cat5e, RG6 coax flexibility. The long video runs are all combinations of Cat5e via intellix baluns and RG6 for HD-SDI where applicable.

The theatrical lighting is a hybrid including ETC Source Four lekos, Source Four Pars and twenty Chauvet Slim Par Pro RGBA LED fixtures. The Slim Pars all have four way barn doors for excellent light spill management. Dimming includes three Lightronics AR-1202 12 x 2.4 dimmers. These handle all the overhead sanctuary lighting as well as the conventional stage lights. The main console is a cost-effective but very powerful Elation Show Designer 3. The trusses are all Global SQ series 12” square that have been painted black.

Perhaps the most critical element within the space is the application of approximately 50 custom shape and color Auralex Elite pro absorption panels. The ceiling compliment includes more than 20 Auralex 4ft x 10ft ceiling baffles that are mounted above the light fixture line of sight.